I had the great privilege of attending the 2016 worldwide Devops and Powershell conference - powershell.org - this year out in Bellevue, Washington. While out out at the conference I was hit with a very important realization.

I did not have a guiding principle by which I performed all my work. I would go to work every day, script tons of stuff, tackle projects, tackle incidents, but never had a set of principles which guided how or why I took on certain work. I decided at the conference that this must change, especially if I wanted to implement some of the things I was learning at my current job. I took the better part of a day after the conference to then write down my manifesto - my words and my methods by which I do work. Some of these items are not present now - and will be worked up to over time. These are the guidelines by which I can honestly say I am giving my employer the best of me.

A manifesto is not for everyone, but since completing it I find that when I take on work there is a sense of purpose behind it - and a set of guidance that says how I handle said work.


Paul DeArment Jr

Systems Engineer, Powershell Enthusiast, Lover Of Automating All Things.