I guess you could say this is an update to one of my previous posts in which I outlined what technology solutions I was using at the time. While this post is not intended to share any knowledge, it allows me to keep a relatively good record of hardware/software that I am using on a regular basis for my various bits of work.


  1. Dell XPS 9343 13” ultrabook
    • 13” display with crazy thin bezzle
      • Touch screen
      • 3800x1200 resolution
    • Dual core core i5 processor 2.7 ghz max speed
    • 256 SSD
    • 8gb Ram
  2. Dell Power Companion


  1. Sapien Software Suite
    • Powershell Studio 2017
    • Primal Script 2017
    • Primal XML 2017
    • Primal SQL 2017
    • WMI Explorer 2017
    • Powershell Help Writer 2017
      1. NOTE: If you can’t afford the yearly license for the entire suite and you wanna get only one thing get powershell studio - it is worth the money
      2. NOTE: If you can not even afford to get either the suite or studio then use Visual Studio Code with the powershell addons
  2. NTFSSecurity Toolkit
    • This free module (which can be found at here) has multiple advantages
  3. DataOnTap
  4. GitLab
    • We are working on using a CI pipeline at my work, and Gitlab (beyond being free for the CE edition) allows for a full CI workflow.
  5. Gitkraken
    • A git client which I started using last fall as a replacement to sourcetree. This does cost money - and if you want a free solution then then Github desktop is an excellent alternative.

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